The Hero’s Journey – Week Seventeen-A

The Master Key webinar for week 17a was about the “The Hero’s Journey.”  The MKMMA staff presented The Hero’s Journey, a 4000 year-old story that is repeated time and time again in almost every story lines whether is a novel, motion picture or a real life story.  The facts, situations and circumstances change but the story always remains the same.

herosjourneyThe hero’s journey was first written and discussed by Joseph John Campbell, a scholar, writer and lecturer in his first book The Hero with A Thousand Faces.  Campbell’s work is vast, writing 23 books covering many aspects of the human experience.  He was an American mythologist, best known for his work in comparative mythology and comparative religion.  His philosophy is often summarized by his phrase: “Follow your bliss.”

The hero’s journey is about growth and passage. The journey requires a separation from the comfortable, known world, and an initiation into a new level of awareness, skill, and responsibility, and then a return home. Each stage of the journey must be passed successfully if he is to become a hero. To turn back at any stage is to reject the need to grow and mature.

Campbell described the hero’s journey as occurring in a cycle consisting of three phases: Departure, where the hero leaves his comfortable and familiar world and ventures into the darkness of the unknown; Initiation, where the hero is subjected to a series of tests in which he must prove his character; and Return, in which the hero brings the boon of his quest back for the benefit of his people.

Definition of boon:  something to be thankful for, blessing, benefit.

According to Campbell, the hero is someone who has a greater calling in life, something bigger than himself.  Even in novels and films, the hero is someone who has found or doneimages-14 something beyond the normal range of achievement and experience.  The hero is always judged by the things he does and the way he reacts and relates to people and situations.  His deeds must have a nobility of purpose, and he must be willing to risk it all for his ideals.

The call to adventure often comes when something has been taken away from the hero or his family or society.  The hero might begin the journey because of a mistake or something is lost that must found.

The call to adventure may be a sensation on the part of the hero that something is lacking in his or her life and that he or she must search for what is missing.

Another type of call to adventure comes when the hero realizes that society is being denied something, and he or she goes on a quest to win rights for the people.  This is a wonderful g9glolo2ndmethod to use to recruit Network Marketer and is the theory behind Mark J’s Go 90 Grow course for network marketing.

I find this theory a remarkable discovery, that all stories throughout history are typically the same with the hero’s journey as the essence of the story line even in our own lives.

The Joseph Campbell Hero’s Journey theory explained by Matthew Winkler.


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7 Responses to The Hero’s Journey – Week Seventeen-A

  1. jlauden says:


    Thanks for this clear concise explanation of the HJ. It was very enlightlnig and the video just added cement to hold it together. I always enjoy your posts. Is this a You tube video?


  2. Great synopthesis! Video was fantastic movie trailer!

  3. Brian says:

    Thanks Wes, I’m a big fan of Campbell’s work. Looking forward to going through Go90Grow next.

  4. Wes-, enjoyed this post as it was a thorough explanation of what we are embarking on. The video brought a smile my face and also was a fun explanation of the Hero’s Journey!!!

  5. Another great post, Wes. Your explanation of the HJ is very clear, love it!

  6. Nicole W says:

    Thanks for the great post – I learned so much more about Joseph Campbell and the background for the hero’s journey. Loved the video also!

  7. Reblogged this on Joshua Joseph's Journey Through The Master Keys and commented:
    Week 19 – Campbell’s Work

    This week I viewed the film “Finding Joe” by Joseph Campbell. The concept was phenomenal and ads a lot of clarity to the journey’s we take throughout our lives and some through their MLM business.

    I wanted to share the philosophy behind Campbell’s work with my readers/ followers, however a dear friend and mentor of mine shared with his readers the philosophy of Campbell’s work a few weeks ago. Therefor this week I would like to honor his work and spread the phenomenal post he released!

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